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Questions You Should Ask

When choosing childcare…decide with confidence!

Choosing a preschool is one of the most important decisions you will face. To make a confident decision, you need to keep in mind the right questions to ask everywhere you visit. A team of Early Childhood experts have put together a checklist of questions to take with you on every visit. It is specifically designed to address the academic strengths of a service along with basic safety and security procedures. We believe this list will lead you to an educated choice that you’ll feel good about and help you distinguish the very best childcare providers.

Does the centre offer a Play based program which is aimed at simply providing care through the day or is the program actually designed to cover all areas of early childhood learning and development?
Are the classes designed to be attractive and educational along with providing sufficient natural light and ample movement area in each room?
Do teachers receive high levels of program training, ongoing workshops, CPR and First-Aid training?
Find out how long the centre has been providing childcare.
Is there a posted written curriculum for the program you are enrolling your child into? Ask to see where this has been posted in the centre?
Does the program cover all learning subjects? (Including Language Arts (English & French), Math, Science, Culture, Cognitive Development, Creativity & Arts, Physical, Personal & Social Development).
Does the program emphasize school readiness skills (for preschoolers), such as phonetic awareness, vocabulary building, writing skills and math?
Do children practice essential pre-writing and writing skills? Ask to see an example of a child’s workbook to see what kind of writing development is practiced?
Is a daily record kept for each child mentioning how the child’s day went, how he/she ate, how he/she slept and what topics were explored in class that day? Are parents provided this record on a daily basis?
Are progress reports sent home regularly to allow parents to monitor their child’s overall development in the program?
Are there security measures in place such as door codes or is the centre simply using a door bell on the entrances? Are all doors kept locked through the day?
Are there cameras to record the entrance, exit and play areas?
Very important – Does the Program have a strict no visitors (other than current parents) rule in place or does it allow tours and visits during program hours. If so, how is your child’s safety ensured?
Are there separate exits to go outside provided within EACH classroom for safety during an emergency situation or is a combined exit area used by all classrooms (which could be dangerous in an emergency)?
Is there a well designed outdoor play area with age appropriate playground activities? Are there play structures and sand play areas for motor development? Are there direct exits to the play area from each class?
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