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Little Scholars Montessori - For the Love of learning - Quality childcare at its best! "Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the past and climbs toward the distant future…"
Maria Montessori

Parent Annotations


We are very pleased and happy to have Tessa attend LSM at its Fallowfield location. Our daughter has learned so much since she started at LSM and she amazes us every day with the new things she knows. She loves her practical classes and her geography lessons. She learned how to write the alphabet and short words.

At the same time, we love that the kids get to be just kids and play and sing as well as learn. Every morning when Tessa wakes up, she asks me if she is going to school that day and when I say that she indeed is going, she never fails to reply "Yay, I love going to school". This gives us great comfort and content. I want to thank l teachers and staff for caring so much!

Parents of Tessa (Senior CASA)

Katie started at Little Scholars in the CASA Program and the change in her has been dramatic and difficult to describe in a small paragraph. Katie’s vocabulary has grown beyond our wildest dreams. She’s using words and sentences that never cease to amaze us. Katie is now able to draw shapes and tell you about them, she is counting in English and French, recognizing letters and numbers, reciting the alphabet, and singing songs in English and French. Amazing, well at least we think so!

We both believe that Katie’s experience at Little Scholars has helped develop her confidence and personality, giving her the means to show everybody what an outgoing, friendly, and helpful little person she is. That is particularly evident when we see her with the Toddlers and assisting them when she can. All this has helped Katie’s parents be even more proud than they already were. We cannot thank Mona and her teachers enough for all that Katie is given each day she spends with you all.

Katie has been at Little Scholars for almost 2 years now and could have started JK in September; however, we decided to keep her where she is. Katie learns something new every day and continues to grow into her little personality daily. Katie has so many friends at Little Scholars and on a daily basis tells us what she’s done that day and who she’s played with. The teachers at the school are absolutely amazing and Katie just loves them! Miss Mona is wonderful with the children and we cannot think of any other place we would like to have our daughter attend daily. Thank you Little Scholars for your continued commitment to shaping the minds of the many little children you have in your care everyday.

Parents of Katie (Senior CASA)

AmiliaAmilia has been enrolled at Little Scholars Montessori since she was 18 months old. She is now in Senior CASA and approaching the end of early education and we as parents are confident that what she has learned at Little Scholars has fully prepared her for her upcoming academic challenges. Every day, we are amazed on Amilia's ability to learn new things, her attentiveness, creativity and independence. She loves going to school and doing her worksheets, crafts, singing songs and spending time with her friends.

A special thanks to Mona and all the teachers at Little Scholars for their dedication and Guidance that you have provided all these years in our daughter's life.

Parents of Amilia (Senior CASA)

This is Terry's last week at LSM because he will soon start grade 1 at elementary school. Terry has completed the Senior CASA Program at LSM. Before joining LSM, Terry came to Ottawa from Beijing. Everything was new to him; he had to face many challenges. We still remember Terry's first visit to LSM, he was extremely shy and barely spoke English.

We enrolled Terry at LSM with hopes that he would develop good communication and social skills. We are so happy to say that he has not only achieved that but so much more. After joining LSM, there have been great changes with Terry. Terry has learnt to socialize and communicate very well. He used to play by himself before but now he loves work, play, and share things with his friends. Terry's language skills have improved by leaps and bounds. Before joining LSM, he knew only a few words and now Terry communicates fluently in English and French. He is also able to write his name, words and sentences. His workbook shows that practice in writing has allowed him to learn to write so well.

We really appreciate the CASA and Senior CASA Programs at LSM. The teachers are patient, nurturing and take great care of their students. We got a daily report about Terry's eating, sleeping, playing and all topics he learnt. That was very helpful for us as parents when preparing to manage his time at home.

The learning materials and curriculum at LSM are superb. Terry has gained a thorough interest in painting he really enjoys the music and art classes very much. He is always excited to bring home paintings and artwork and tell us about them. When comparing the learning sheets and art work he completed through the program, we have observed a vast improvement in all his skills. We are so proud to see that Terry can even complete puzzles for children 8+. Being at LSM has allowed Terry to gain an interest in Math and the Senior CASA has developed this interest gracefully.

Two weeks ago Terry passed his elementary school assessment for entry to grade 1. We were so proud and surprised to hear the school teacher inform us that Terry's level in Math is well surpassing what he requires for grade 1. In fact, we were told that his skills come close to grade 3 level!

Good programs cannot work without good execution; we really appreciate the great dedication of the teachers and administration at LSM. You all work really hard, and we wish to thank you for all that you have done for Terry. Special thanks to Ms. Julie and Ms. Sabrina, Terry says he is going to miss you guys! What a great school.we will definitely recommend LSM to all our friends!

Hui G. For Terry (Senior CASA)

CaraWe are very pleased with the caliber of teaching and care that Cara receives at Montessori. We find the teachers and support staff really give their cheery best to the kids everyday -- a task we parents have to admit, can be daunting. We are impressed by the wide variety of subjects (e.g. Math, Science, Social Science, Geography, French) introduced to the students and are also pleased that diversity is not only clearly encouraged but is appreciated at Montessori.

Cara enjoys the school as much as we enjoy sending her there. She happily talks about her friends, her teachers and is often excited to show us something new or tell us about something new that she has learned.

Thanks Ms Mona & all your wonderful staff for giving us peace of mind while at work.

Parents of Cara (CASA Program)

JackJack has been with Little Scholars for almost 2 years now. He enjoys going to school every day and loves his friends and teachers. We are truly amazed at all he has learned. He especially enjoys all the learning activities and the arts and crafts. We love when he breaks into song out of the blue, singing one of the many, many songs he's learned at school. We are delighted that our experience at LSM has been so positive.

Thank you Miss Mona & all the staff.

Sherry, Mother of Jack (CASA Program)

SaraSara has been attending Little Scholars since she was a toddler. Having participated in the Toddler, CASA and now the Senior CASA class, Sara has grown into a tremendously bright child and we attribute much of this to the wonderful education that she is receiving at Little Scholars. I know that she will be very well prepared for grade one when the time comes. Sara loves going to school every day to see her wonderful teachers and play with all her friends. It is sometimes difficult to convince her to leave at the end of the day!

We are looking forward to the day in the near future when Sara's sister will join her at LSM. We have also referred LSM to a couple of friends and we know that they will not be disappointed either! THANK YOU to all the fantastic teachers and to the administration for making Sara's first school experience an unforgettable one.

Natalina and Jason, Parents of Sara (Senior CASA)

AndreaAndrea has grown and learnt a lot since she started at LSM. She learnt to speak English & French here and can now communicate in three different languages (her mother tongue is Hungarian). She knows a lot of songs, poems, rhythms and really enjoys singing them to us. She now knows all colors, names of animals, shapes and can even count till 20! She has learnt her alphabet too.

She is able to eat and get dressed without help. She really likes to finger paint, to color, to draw, and especially cutting and gluing. She really enjoyed the trip to the museum of Science & Technology and has been talking about it since. Being at LSM was her first interaction with a large group of people that spoke a foreign language that she did not then understand. We were afraid how it would turn out. Fortunately, it turned out be a truly positive experience that she will cherish for a long time.

Parents of Andrea (CASA Program)

MannatMannat joined Little Scholars in the CASA Program. Ever since then we have observed amazing developments in Mannat. In fact she has magically grown. The fact that she is enthusiastic about going to school each day only assures us as parents that she is in very good hands. Little Scholars is like Mannat's second home. Her teachers deserve a bravo for their outstanding efforts. We are confident that Mannat will blossom at Little Scholars and the full credit goes to her school staff. Mannat shares a special attachment and fondness for her teacher Ms. Julie.

Mannat's exceptional learning at LSM is quite evident and reflected clearly in all her activities at home such as in her coloring, comprehension of stories, singing school songs and resolving puzzles. She is very disciplined in everything she does. We are extremely proud as parents to see our child grow into a fine young lady. Thank you Mona and Sabrina for working miracles with our little scholar!

Parents of Mannat (CASA program)

SarahSarah has been at Little Scholars for 5 months and I've already noticed a big improvement in her vocabulary and learning.

She surprised me the other week when she started telling me about Australia being far away and surrounded by water. She could even point to it on a map! Sarah seems to be doing very well in your structured learning environment. It has been a very positive experience for us.

Gwyn, Mother of Sarah (CASA Program)


DanielleLSM has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for both Danielle and I. Danielle loves going to Montessori & talks about her teachers and friends all the time.

She comes home and shares new songs, rhymes and stories with me everyday. There is nothing more reassuring to a mother than to see her child happy and thriving in such a warm and safe environment. Thank you to all the teachers and staff at Little Scholars!

Parents of Danielle (Toddler Program)

Nadeem started at Little Scholars when he was about 2.5 years old and we have enjoyed watching him grow and learn more everyday. Over the past 2 years, he has grown from a shy little boy into quite a sociable one no doubt in part to the excellent learning and social environment that little scholars provides and we know that when he enters Grade 1 next year, he will be fully prepared for the transition.

Marie - Mother of Nadeem (Senior CASA)


Being at Little Scholars for almost two years now, Abby's development has been a positive one in so many aspects. I have noticed a tremendous difference in her willingness to participate in a group setting, as she had been quite hesitant before. She feels very comfortable in her everyday surroundings at school, which I believe comes from the encouragement and positive nurturing that is displayed around her by teachers as well as her peers.

Academically, I am very pleased with the level that she has reached. Worksheets, worksheets, and more worksheets…that’s all she wants to do! It is great! I am grateful that she is in an environment that encourages each child to excel at their own pace…as every child is unique!

Abby has made many special friends at Little Scholars and she loves waking up in
the morning to head to school and spend her day with them! For me, it means everything to know that she is comfortable being away from home, in such a great place that she loves! A special thank you to all the teachers for the care and the guidance that you provide in my daughter’s makes a world of difference!

Melissa, Mother of Abby (Senior CASA)

Our whole family has been delighted with Jack’s first four months in the Toddler Program at Little Scholars Montessori. He is at such an exciting age, particularly in terms of development, and we have been really excited to see the way in which that is
nurtured by the staff and teachers at Montessori. It is wonderful to see him learning to do things for himself, and to see the confidence that doing so instills in him.

Jennifer, Mother of Jack (Toddler Program)


Our daughter Isabella has been a part of Little Scholars Centrepointe location since August. What a difference this school has made in our daughter's life. My husband and I are constantly amazed of what she has learned and her overall awareness in the world - and in two languages! Since Bella arrived on opening day at Little Scholars, we have lost count of the surprising and profound words and ideas that come out of her. She speaks (and sings!) in both French and English, she has conversations and ideas, and she genuinely loves her teachers.

Our only regret is that she can't stay there until college!

Andrea, Mother of Isabella (CASA Program)

Jason has attended Little Scholars for about 18 months. We continue to be impressed with his development socially and academically. We have noticed significant improvement
with his interaction with other kids and the environment around him. Jason continues to amaze us with what he's learned at school including the alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, writing skills and singing abilities! Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Little Scholars Montessori for your guidance and patience with our son.

Parents of Jason (CASA Program)

This has proved to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. William is now an Senior CASA student whose independence, autonomy and respect for fellow students and teachers has developed beyond any expectations we have ever had. He loves to learn and often wants to continue activities from school at home. He is a sweet, loving, sensitive boy and I credit much of this to the special care and attention he receives at school. Jacqueline is currently in the CASA program and is well on her way to becoming a teacher herself! She loves to teach at home and says "good job" when we get it right! She has become very independent and loves to help out in any way she can, the breakfast helper, the supper helper...although the clean-up helper is still something we're working on! She is such a kind loving little girl, thanks again to her teachers and school environment. We are so impressed by both of their vocabulary skills, imagination, creativity, love of learning and joy of life. The years they have spent at Little Scholars have been as rewarding for us as parents as they have been for William and Jacqueline.

Tara & Jeff, Parents of William & Jacqueline (Senior CASA Program)

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