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Little Scholars Montessori - For the Love of learning - Quality childcare at its best! "Our aim is not only to make a child understand, but to touch his imagination so as to enthuse him to his innermost core."
Maria Montessori

CASA Program

Fostering self-esteem through independence and love of learning

Preschoolers learn in unique ways, they have an innate desire to imitate the actions of the people around them and are very sensitive and aware of details in their environment, making this an opportune time to grasp new skills.

The LSM CASA (or Preschool) Program develops the building blocks for learning in a Montessori based environment that fosters all areas of early development – intellectual, physical, emotional, and social. We believe that a stimulating, language rich, social learning environment is an imperative part of early development. Our bright classrooms are specifically designed to offer space for movement, space for individual work, space for team work and group activities. The meticulously designed environments are a cornerstone of our program.

The CASA Program Curriculum incorporates development within Montessori areas of Practical Life, Grace and Courtesy, Sensorial, Math and Science, Geography, Botany, Culture, Language (English and French), Arts, Music and Physical development.

We focus on building a foundation for future learning through early numeracy concepts of number, symbol, sequence, and counting 1 – 20 in English and French. Language development focuses on oral language, group discussions, alphabet recognition Aa – Zz, children's literature, tracing and writing development using sandpaper letters, alphabet cut-outs, and various presentations allowing children to link sounds and letter symbols effortlessly and to express their thoughts in words and sentences. Cultural activities expose children to basics in World and Canadian geography and age appropriate science topics such as weather, animals, time, weight, etc. Art, music and movement are part of the integrated cultural curriculum. We also take learning outside the classrooms though regular field-trips to exciting destinations such as museums and farms.

Through the year, staff use a combination of lessons, projects and presentations to encourage children to learn to observe, question, and explore the distinctive Montessori areas in a sequenced process of discovery. The separate subject areas intertwine and conform as each child formulates concepts from the didactic materials and progresses to more advanced learning stages.

Your child’s learning aptitude is unique; we regard and respond to it uniquely. Upon admission to the CASA Program, children are encouraged to explore learning materials of their choice, work at their own optimum level - in an environment where beauty and order is emphasized and appreciated. The stimulating Montessori learning materials and activities inspire learning and motivate discovery, increase children’s ability to concentrate and share, develop their sense of order for logical thinking and problem solving, and promote skills that allow them to become independent in their actions and thoughts.

CASA Program
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