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Little Scholars Montessori
Little Scholars Montessori
Little Scholars Montessori - For the Love of learning - Quality childcare at its best! "One test of the correctness of an education procedure is the happiness of the child."
Maria Montessori

The LSM Advantage

  • Little Scholars is unique, a distinctive learning system and a trusted name in childcare with nearly a decade of experience in providing our community quality, dependable childcare at its best.

  • A one of its kind, outstanding curriculum shaped by LSM’s leadership team, experts with some 50 years of combined experience in early childhood education.

  • Safe, secure and clean environment.

  • Effective, low child to staff ratios, 5:1 (Toddler Program) and 8:1 (CASA Program), so that your child gets the individual attention he/she requires.

  • Meticulously designed open-plan Montessori learning environments and a commitment to using only the best Montessori materials is the cornerstone of our centres.

  • Active parental involvement and communication encouraged through daily logs, progress reports, home projects, volunteer opportunities and annual family events.

Our Team of Professional Early Childhood Educators
Early Childhood Educators are responsible for planning and implementing a program providing children with a developmentally appropriate, safe and healthy environment. Hiring credentials for individuals working with children from 0 –- 6 years include a degree or diploma in the field of Early Childhood Education (E.C.E or E.C.A.) as recognized by the Province of Ontario. Classroom head instructors require valid membership and accreditation of their credentials from the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators.

At LSM, we hire qualified and experienced professionals with a degree or diploma in the field of Early Childhood Education, a background and personality that demonstrates passion for the education field. Staff must be equipped with First Aid with Infant CPR, and have a clear Criminal Records Check. In addition to all the above requirements, many of our current staff also hold varying additional qualifications including Montessori Diploma, Child & Youth Worker Diploma, Bachelor of Science Degree, Bachelor of Engineering Degree, etc.

The Learning Program and Curriculum at LSM is unique and visibly stands out in terms of its excellence in providing children a solid foundation in all areas of early development. Parents often note the positive difference in their child’s academic, social skills, and self-confidence within a few months of joining LSM. This difference can be credited to individual training provided by the LSM team to each of our early childhood educators to effectively implement the unique LSM Curriculum and Montessori Development activities and lessons.

At LSM - Security is our priority!
  • 24 Hr. CCTV monitoring indoors and outdoors.
  • Open door policy for current parents – no advance notice required. The safety of your child is as important to us as it is to you; visitors are not permitted to come in and watch your child or disturb his/her daily routine. All visits to the centre are held after program hours.
  • Entrances are locked through the day and equipped with a door codes.
  • Written parental permission required for all alternate pick-ups. The person is required to show I.D. before pick-up.
  • Staff is annually trained in CPR and first-aid; all staff hired after clear criminal record checks.
Mission Statement
Little Scholars Montessori's mission is to create environments for children where they are encouraged to explore, create, learn, socialize, and celebrate their unique talents. Our centre is committed to developing in our kids a sense of responsibility and interdependence with their community and the world.

  • We recognize that each child has a unique nature and, with that, the capacity to become a successful learner.
  • We promote opportunities for self-discipline and the development of a child's inner resources, which in turn enhance self-esteem.
  • We encourage personal, intellectual, and social growth through all aspects of our program.
  • We recognize that learning is multi-sensory and inter hemispheric, and emphasize creativity and problem solving in our work with children.
  • We recognize that current and forthcoming research will illuminate methods and patterns of learning and teaching and we incorporate it into our programs.
  • We believe that parents and staff are partners working together for the benefit of each child.
The LSM Advantage
The LSM Advantage
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The LSM Advantage
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